Hyperborean Landscape 6 Picture

In ancient Greek mythology, “Hyperborea” referred to a far Northern land, a utopia where the sun shown 24 hours a day. In reality, the sun never rises over the North Pole at all in the Arctic winter, the nearest land is 700 kilometers away, and the hypothetical polar continent is inconveniently located at the other end of the Earth. And certainly, life near either pole is not easy, let alone a utopia...

“Hyperborean Landscapes” presents a series of vignettes of life in the cold. To create each image, I selected some of my father’s “spin art” paintings and combined these with stock photos and a colorful crystalline texture generated in ArtMatic. Some of these images were then run through Flaming Pear’s “Organic Edges” filter, and all the elements combined as layers in Photoshop.

“Hyperborean Landscapes 6” combines an image from deviantART photographer Elandria, a painting created by my father, Gus Maier, and an image I created in ArtMatic.
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