Ixcayans of Chibalbay Picture

Chibãlbay- The Green Stair. Land of the Ixcãyans.

More colorful piece illustrating the common Ixcãyan people. The character at the top, is most likely a Chichimeq- a elementalist of the land, speaks to the plants and they heed its calls.

The Ixcãyans are thought to be a Sasqan peoples.
They have a complex mythology of spirits and divinities. The wall carving in the background illustrates some of their mythical beliefs. Cheyãnxerã(chay-en-zera)- the spirit serpent, a visionary two headed flying serpent that bring thunder and rain, is seen on the top, and Chezcezã(chez-ka-za)- the sun spirit on the right and Ixchezãt(ish-cha-zat)- the huntress, an old spirit from the south, on the left. The very prominent image of Coyópã- spirit of agriculture and the seed bestowed upon the Ixcãyans by the union of Chamãhez and Cú Xibyú. Depicted as a genderless human with leaves and vines growing out of its nose and eyes.

Chibãlbay is a land with rings of terraced green steppe all around the side of a great mountain, and nestled on the edge of a plateau to the south. The green stair is a great side of a mountain range, a wall, terraced in massive steps, covered in green farms, where the Ixcayans dwell, thousands of feet tall and gradually building upward, a wave-like stairway that covers miles of the southern Camulãtz mts. part of the Dhāmakušhya range.

Lot of fun this piece was. Unusual amounts of color for me.
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