American muscle Picture

A commission done for me by Aerokat (No longer on DA, sadly)…
Aerokat is a big fan of 69 Camaros, so definitely someone with class!

The character I have had the longest. I think I conceived him in the early 1990s. I am doing a little bit of revamping on him, so I wont give too much info. But here is what I am willing to give.
He is a cybernetically augmented Draugr who somehow managed to keep his good soul. A Draugr exists only to destroy everything that gets in the way between him and revenge. He still has the drive for revenge, but isn't going to destroy everything in his path to get there. Though he will raise some hell on the way just for shits n giggles. A Draugr cannot be killed or destroyed. So if he isn't satisfied then he'll go on living. Forever. Even when all other life (and sources of food and water) on the planet are long dead he'll still be wandering around. Even when the sun envelops the planet he will survive. Even when the sun burns out he'll be kickin'. So needless to say there is a sense of urgency to his task. Worse... he has to make sure that HE is the one who gets to exact revenge. If someone beats him to it... he's fucked.
Being cybernetically enhanced mixed with old Norse mythology he's one mutherfucker you don't want to get on the wrong side of.

I always promised myself if my writings ever got any kind of true popularity I'd take a note from Clive Cussler and stick my cars in the stories. So here we go. My 1969 Camaro Z/28. Don't think that she got the scale wrong. He is 7' 4" so there is no front driver seat. Being 540 pounds he has had to modify the suspension only slightly. (He weighs more than the engine) Obviously with more weight there needs to be a great deal more power. And we all know with great power comes great irresponsibility. Here is the real thing.…

His hobbies are American cars, keeping his lady happy, videogames, and inventing creative ways to break his curse with things like:
"I am going to shove their heads so far up their own ass they'll be tongue tickling their tonsils from the inside."
"When I get my hands on 'em I'm going to wipe their ass with their own face while they're still wearing it."
When he's in a bad mood he thinks more along the lines of "I am going to make a cut all the way around their upper thigh and peel the skin off like a meat sock and then begin working my way up until I'm peeling off their eyelids."
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