Pokemon Concept #8 - Bullder and Mountaur Picture

Good day, Noir here! Well, so it's been a while since I've posted. I'm terribly sorry for that, there has been a lot going on lately! Not to mention, I've been catching up on Pokemon Sun, which I finally got recently! I love that game!

Regardless, today I bring you the male counterparts to the previously featured Pokemon Vertigoat and Spiralex. Our Pokemon today are based on Greek folklore and mythology, to contrast with the Spiralex line's more English and Japanese folklore-based design. These two were a lot of fun to design, so I hope you like them!

Name | Species | Type | Abilities | Height | Weight | Description

Bullder | Stumbling Pokemon | Rock/Normal | Arena Trap, Rock Head, Solid Rock (Hidden) | 1'09", 0.53 m (shoulder) | 150.5 lbs, 68.3 kg | Wary of strangers, it charges at anything that gets too near to it. Unfortunately, its stubby legs causes it to trip constantly, turning it into a fluffy boulder.

Mountaur | Titan Bull Pokemon | Rock/Fighting | Arena Trap, Rock Head, Solid Rock (Hidden) | 7'08", 2.33 m (peak) | 972.4 lbs, 441.1 kg | Groups of this Pokemon will instinctively arrange rocks and deadfall in their territory into traps and dead ends. They patrol their maze-like home area vigilantly, going in shifts.


Damaged normally by: Electric, Ice, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Dark, Fairy
Weak to: Water, Grass, Fighting (4x), Ground, Steel
Immune to: Ghost
Resistant to: Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying

Damaged normally by: Electric, Ice, Flying, Ghost, Dragon
Weak to: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Psychic, Steel, Fairy
Immune to: None
Resistant to: Normal, Fire, Poison, Bug, Rock, Dark


This Pokemon is based on various aspects of Greek mythology, most notably the minotaur. It is also inspired by various draft animals (water buffalo, oxen), the American bison, bull cattle, silverback gorillas, and mountain goats.

Secondary themes for this Pokemon includes aspects of wrestling, especially the Greco-Roman style. In motion, it also shows off certain traits of various sports played in the ancient Olympics, such as long-jumping and discus-throwing.

BULLDER: This Pokemon is easily rattled and quick to attack, running over everything in its path in its wild charge towards its perceived threat. However, at high speeds it easily loses its footing, prompting it to roll into a ball. As it tumbles downhill, it smashes through trees and rocks along the way. Their antics sometimes result in rockslides and avalanches in the area. Due to this behavior, they are rarely seen as house pets, but are popular among travelers to serve as a trusty guard Pokemon. Design-wise, this Pokemon largely resembles a small, tan-colored American bison. Its hooves are arranged in a way to seem like boxing tape, a design that is carried over to its evolution. Its mid-body is also patterned in a way to seem like bandages. On the end of its tail is a small ball made of rock, alluding to the flail, a weapon now commonly associated with gladiatorial combat. In essence, this Pokemon represents a young, aspiring male athlete (in ancient times).

MOUNTAUR: Huge and imposing, this Pokemon is difficult to handle and hard to escape from. They live in the lower foothills of highlands, protecting the area from intruders trying to hike to the mountaintops. Highly sociable, they cooperate and coordinate well with their own kind: often seen playing games with polished rocks together, and keeping watch in shifts. Social relationships develop organically, with no real hierarchy or order. Separated from the pack, however, they become sulky and anger-prone. Hence, it is paramount for a keeper to befriend a Mountaur for it to be well-behaved and well-adjusted. Given enough attention, Mountaurs are highly affectionate and gentle towards humans, and particularly good at entertaining children with feats of strength. In terms of design, this Pokemon is based on the minotaur, an infamous bull-headed creature out of Greek mythology. On its face is a ridge of rock that protects its jaw, which is meant to resemble a beard or a wrestling cap. It also has a snow-capped jagged rock on its back, which constantly grows with age. This is in reference to both the Greek Titan Atlas, who bears the weight of the world, as well as the mythological Greek character Sisyphus, who was cursed to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity. This is to show the immense labor and stresses put on by champion athletes, back then and even now. On top of this, it has a pair of ridges or crests of rocks growing from behind its head, continuing down its back. These rocks on its back are meant to be famous locales in Greece: the great rock represents Mount Olympus, and the plate ridge represents Meteora, a series of monolithic rock formations whereupon sits six wondrous Orthodox monasteries. Another recurring design aspect are bandages, which are meant to appear like the wrappings of a martial artist. The bandages on Mountaur's forearms may also be seen as dual gauntlets or cestuses, which are armored (and sometimes spiked) gauntlets used as weapons in ancient history. Overall, this Pokemon represents a sportsman (mostly a wrestler) in their prime, seeking out their true potential, trying out, and competing in games.

These Pokemon are exclusively male. Their female counterparts are Vertigoat and Spiralex, respectively.


Bullder is named from the words 'bull,' male cattle, and 'boulder.'

Mountaur is a combination of 'mountain,' denoting its natural habitat, and 'minotaur,' the mythical Greek animal it is based on. It may also be a corruption of 'monster'.


Bullder is the unevolved form of this evolution line.

Mountaur evolves from Bullder beginning at Lv 35 if a Fighting-type Pokemon is present in the party.
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