Midgard - Dokkalfr Picture

named after the dark elves of Norse mythology

These child sized amphibious creatures are one of the deadliest predators of the Nifleheim caves. Although they do not have a lot of bulk, they deserve their nicknames of Troll Hunters well. The appendage on top of their heads is a bulb that contains bioluminescent properties which are normally kept off most of the time. Their tactic involves sneaking onto unsuspecting prey grazing by underground springs, where the Dokkalfr dwells. Once close enough, a chemical reaction causes the bulb to emit several megawatts of light. The light is so strong that exposed prey items are cooked alive in a matter of seconds due to their sensitive skin. Those who barely survive are rendered blind and are eventually killed.

Dokkalfrs must protect themselves from their own lights. The leaf like hairs on the tip of the appendage not only act as camouflage but provide some shade like a baseball cap. Some specimens have been observed with large leaf caps. Their eyes, which are well suited to see in the dark, have protective lenses to prevent blindness. Finally, to protect their skin, they sweat a thick mucus that acts like sun screen, preventing damage from the powerful ultra-violet rays. To be able to make this mucus, these animals need to remain near water constantly to remain hydrated. Once used, the bulb takes 2 Midgardian days to recharge.

"This creature was among several others originally intended for Geb7 and the original design was of course a quadruped. Otherwise, the design remained unchanged. Watching the movie Troll Hunter motivated me to create a sketch at my earliest oppurtunity. Especially this scene here: [link] ".

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