Original- Gaia Picture

Made for *Dianae's contest [link]
Gods, Goddesses and Mythology

Gaia, la belle, s'est levé vers le haut,
Avec son coeur gentil, elle qui est la base immuable de toutes les choses. Et Gaia juste alèsent d'abord le ciel étoile, égale à elle-même, Pour la proteger dans tous manières et pour être un repos pour les dieux bénis à jamais

For some reason photoshop only allowed me to save in png file...funny.

I had this image in my head for awhile, doodling in class, AFR nonetheless. For this piece it is a mixture of photomanips and digital painting. The flowers were constructed from many stock photos by the lovely stockers on dA (see thankyous below), but some of them are painted over especially the rose, daffodils and the pink and white flower in the middle.
The portrait representing Gaia is painted with only a pose reference by me (the photo was hilarious).

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