Mega Blaziken Y Picture

I didn't find the canon Mega Blaziken (which we'll call Mega X) all that great in design, compared to it's normal form. So I made an alternate Mega form, based off of Horus of Egyptian mythology. Horus' eyes had some kind of connection to the sun and moon. The sun was his good eye, while the moon was the eye that was damaged by his evil uncle, Seth.

As far as what stats are boosted for Mega Blaziken Y, I'm thinking mostly Defense and Special Defense, not only because Mega X was a bit lacking in defense compared to other stats, but to reference how Horus endured alot when up against Seth and came out victorious in the end. I also think Mega Y should get a boost in Special Attack. As for it's Ability, I'm thinking either Justified or Flame Body.
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