Daughter of Apollo Picture

Did you know I have an unhealthy obsession with Greek Mythology? BECAUSE I DO! Its a great way to scare my friends and freak out when you see the Percy Jackson movie and they killed everything myth related. also great for looking like a poindexter in english class, because Shakespeare and other awesome people were Greek freaks too.
Ehem. ranting done. This here is a daugher of Apollo. No she does not have a name. Shes just really cool. Actually, I was looking at something superhero related and was like, 'I should design a superhero! fun times!' and like the obsessive freak I truly am, the end result was greek.
For those who don't know, Apollo was god of archery, the sun, lyres, and other wildly popular items. Haha, well that part is true, but for whatever reason he always seemed cooler than the other gods. Espically if you read the Percy Jackson books, even the Apollo campers are amazing. They don't get enough face time. mmm hmm I'm pretty much done now.
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