Sanguineclaw Reference Picture

Name: Oxalis /"Bitterheart"/now called "Sanguineclaw", also called "Sang" by friends.
Gender: Female.
Age: One, maybe two years old.
Fur: She has long black fur that has a brown undertone in sunlight.
Eyes: Brown; they were a startling shade of yellow as a kitten, but as she grew older they deepened to a light hazel-brown.
Rank: Healer
Affiliation: Clawpack, Rogues and Loners
Species: American Curl. This is the reason why her ears curl back against her skull.
Things of note: Her mother was a domestic cat in the city, and the domestics of that region spoke an odd dialect in which the second person singular informal tense was used* (thou, thee, thy, thine). Also, a kind of cult-religion that personified the seasons as gods was very prevalent in that region. Sang believes in six gods: Summer (female), Autumn (both male and female, they are the two original creators but their true relationship is ambiguous), Winter (male), and Spring (both male and female, they are consorts). Autumn created Summer and Winter, who in turn created Spring. Winter is best known as the moon, Summer as the sun. I don't want to go into too much detail because I am (slowly) writing their mythology.

*For further information on this tense please read [link]
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