Malina and Annigan, Eternal Chase Picture

Name: Hailey
Title of my work: Eternal Chase
Chosen myth: Malina the sun godess and Annigan the moon God
"The Inuit people believe that once Anningan raped his sister, the sun.html&edu=high">Sun goddess Malina, and that he stubbornly continues to chase her in the sky. That is why the Sun and the Moon appear at different times in the sky. Anningan is so tenacious in his eternal pursuit of his sister that he neglects to eat. He becomes more and more thin until he is forced to come down to Earth and hunt for food. To satisfy his hunger, the Moon disappears from the sky for three days each month."

I've personally always admired myths about the sun and the moon and this particular myth caught my eye and I took great interest in it. It was a great pleasure to illustrate it!

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