Kephri Picture

CDI project #2- "Semiotics", big fancy word for symbolism.

After the success of my first project, I decided to keep Egyptian symbolism as a recurring theme throughout my work for my Photo 385 class.

For this project, I used the Scarab Beetle to illustrate "rebirth", "resurrection", "self creation". In Egyptian mythology, the scarab was a self-creating god Kephri or "one who comes from the earth". In mythology, Kephri, the scarab, was responsible for rolling the sun across the sky every day and thus was also seen as a version of Ra, the sun god.

In my project though, I used the idea of "kephri" as a euphemism for how we create ourselves with make up and clothes to present to other people the facade that we want them to see.

Similarly, I used the lotus blossoms to represent grace and beauty and also recreation and resurrection. Biologically, the lotus blooms at night, emerging from the water to spread it's pale blossoms wide.

In Egyptian mythology, the lotus blossom was the first thing to emerge out of Nun's primordial ooze and that the sun god was born out of it's petals (think Thumbelina), thus it's a symbol for creation and rebirth, etc.

I actually used a photo I had from my trip to Berlin of an Egyptian bust and manipulated it w/another picture of my face to create a cracked and broken mask of a face, sort of like so much make up's been caked on that if you dare smile, it'll break. But it also represents, washing away all that fake stuff and embracing one's imperfections.

Size: 11 x 14 @ 300 DPI
media: digital collage/ photo manipulation
Time: 30-40 hours
Layers: 20
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