OC-Levin Full Color Picture

His name is Levin on deity's world his name is Apolaki, the god of Sun. He had a wad a wife named Mayari, goddess of the moon. When his wife gave birth to a daughter they had a terrible fight. For the god of the sun wanted a son. Their fight causes his godly soul shatters leaving his heart bounded in curse by his wife, that he could not love anyone for he will die from it. His wife died soon after that. Raja, his father, told him that his wife will be reincarnated again. And so he went to human world to search his wife to undo the curse.

His character/story is based on Philippine Mythology

Art by me
Lineart in adobe Flash
Colors: Paintool SAI and Photoshop
Textures: CGtextures.com
(c)Levin character from Crescent Sun by Ricci Tamayo 2013
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