Across Averne Picture

I recommend that you full view--seriously, that's the only way to see this thing.

This is for Trapdoor_Lover1342. Thank you for letting me challenge myself, and for being so patient in my slowness!

But at long last, I'm done! My bit for the art exchange is... about two months overdue, and near the end I almost tore out my hair in frustration at the goddamn border, but here it is.

A companion piece to "Le Fin des Amours du Fantome" [link] here is Christine's first journey to the Fifth Cellar: through the mirror (in the center, top--angels), on a horse, across the lake Averne, and carried by Erik himself after fainting. It may be helpful to note that this is based on Gaston Leroux's novel, not any of the many adaptations.

Christine, still with her hair styled for her role as Marguerite in Faust, is wearing a long robe that I intended to resemble the gown of a mythological goddess, with sleeves like angels' wings. I specifically obscured the faces and drew the characters posed so that this could be taken either as an illustration from Leroux, or as an illustration of Persephone's own journey to a different underworld.

On top, the motif of sun and moon return from their similar cameo in "Le Fin des Amours du Fantome," with a small depiction of the mirror scene at center.

The border was the [email protected]*&^$% bane of my existence. You may notice that it isn't even painted, like the border of "Le Fin" was. That's because I am a lazy bum and am too fed up with this stupid thing to actually finish it more than the half-assed way. As you may notice due to its irregularities, it's completely hand-done, no stencilling, etc.

NOTE: This is a really horrible quality photo. I would scan it, except it's too big for my scanner. Tons of detail that I worked my stupid little butt for isn't even there. And parts of it are way too dark, and other parts too light, and the whites aren't really white, etc, etc. But I'm so glad to be done with it that I don't care, haha!

And finally...

This is my spring & summer in one drawing.
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