The Creation of the World Picture

Here's my submission for a drawing contest on Instagram. The subject was "Mythology". Therefore I made mine about the creation of the world according to Babylonian mythology.

In the beginning, there was only sweet water, named Apsu (on the left), and salt water, named Tiamat (on the right), accompanied by the god Mummu on the middle. Apsu and Tiamat then gave birth to the gods Anu, god of the heavens, and Ea, the god of Earth and water.
Apsu and Tiamat, the two water gods, were then disturbed by the noise of the younger gods (weird right?). So Apsu, who was really manly, decided to destroy them. However, Ea stepped first and slayed Apsu and Mummu. He also created an underground chamber in which his son, Marduk (called the "sun-child"), was born.
The enraged Tiamat (salt water) turned into a dragon and raised an army of monsters led by her champion Kingu against Ea and Marduk. Yet Marduk killed Tiamat by cutting her into two halves, which then formed the sky and the Earth . And the rivers Tigris and Euphrates sprang from her eyes (makes sense, I guess...).

This is where my drawing ends. I didn't have enough space to put in all the myth. But it goes like this: Marduk slays Kingu and takes the Tablets of Destiny (fastened to Kingu's breast). He uses it to create the cosmos. And finally, he creates mankind using Kingu's blood.

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