115 of 365 - Shivling Picture

115 of 365

The above artwork combines geometry with mythology.
The underneath circles start from the centre-point, surrounded by six circles, and thus go on.
The outermost circle represents the retina. The inner structure also represents Shiva's phallus inside Sati's vagina.
According to mythology, Shiva, in his third stage of meditation, opened his Third Eye and performed the Tandava.
The world starts destroying and on seeing this, Sati lured Shiva into Tantric intercourse.

It is spirit that comes into being from nothing and spans its consciousness into a circle in 2D, sphere in 3D.
Then it moves to make a flower of circles behind the Sun. In four days time, half the World is made and in Six days, the full world was created.
The drawn geometry of circles encompasses all the geometry in the world- all figures, the natural ratios of lengths,optics etc.
Thats about it. Thank you.
Yours Sincerely
Nilay Shah, typeewriter.

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