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Vi Rythia is a mythical world where the Seeds of the Elder Vines fill the air, it allowed people to develop quicker and manipulate the natural and cosmic elements. The people who practice it gained more understanding of it and used it to shape a better world, nowadays they are called ‘elementalists’. And elementalism has now become a profession.
After the previous age devastatingly ended with the rise of an apocalyptic creature consuming the planet, peace seemed to have finally returned in Vi Rythia. Until a world war was unleashed which further drove the people and the development of the Seeds apart.

This is the biggest continent of Vi Rythia, and the Xerabythian races are the Urakhyns, who are half earth, and the Othraks, who are peaceful, wandering giants. They believe that they were created by elementals who shaped worlds like clay and let them dance around the sun. Some ancient Urakhyns forced this ideology and plundered the surrounding continents, but that’s a past that they prefer not to talk about.

*Urþarym, the Ancient Earth
  • Elknost
  • Fårk
  • DerenduR
  • Erþe (Capital)
Inspiration: Norse Pagan and Swedish culture and mythology

*Everaþ, the Haunted Forest
Inspiration: Scandinavian culture and mythology

*Alhenðyr, the Northfrozen Isles
  • Farðurins (Capital)
  • Sgurian
  • Idandór
Inspiration: Icelandic and east European(mainly Slavic) culture and mythology

*Shylligham, the Wolven Lands
  • Reomorne (Capital) (Irish inspired)
  • Farrowen (Scottish inspired)
  • Wolvenyr (Welsh inspired)
  • Arthian (Welsh inspired)
Study/specialized in: Earth
*Urakhyns, troll-like halffleshmen(half-people) with a strong connection with the earth
*Othraks, wandering peaceful giants who are often referred to as 'moose men’

Founded by explorers, Aradkhoum is a continent which is supposed to symbolize unity. Though due to... cultural differences conflict emerged and the once peaceful continent was waging a civil war. The only Aradirs who are not as affected by this as the others are the Arolghans, who are a race of fire dancers who can survive extreme heat, but that's due to the fact that they've secluded themselves from those who are waging war. They've been living in Okousayem for ages.

  • Daraqan (Capital)
  • Jithaya
  • Arijad
  • Turabya
  • Uqarai
  • Qatyem
  • Okousayem (Independent)
Inspiration: Arabian, Persian, Algerian, Asian and African culture and mythology

Study/specialized in: Light
*Arolghans, Crossbred descendants from giants and apex predators from the Giant Age
Inspiration: Akans, a meta-ethnicity in Ghana and Ivory Coast

Eran-Daerans were originally explorers from Aradkhoum, they were first a very peaceful race and seeing as Aradkhoum has started a civil war the Valkans moved to the west to find peace. However they accidentally disturbed the peace of an ancient race of centaurs named the Fienras. So they moved away from the “tall, winged lion men” and thus the Valkans built their civilization in their new land.

*North Eran-Daera
  • Elphea (Capital)
  • Izapios
  • Yavanaes
  • Alventi
  • Shivakea
  • Sarael
Inspiration: Hebrew, Hispanic and Greek culture and mythology

*South Eran-Daera
  • Hephyssius (Capital)
  • Naltharlan
  • Philomerys
  • Akhenios
  • Etheus
  • Torlhaen
Inspiration: Greek, Aramaic and Egyptian culture and mythology

Study/specialized in: Weather
*Valkans, tall, winged wind worshippers also referred to as ‘avian people’

Religion: Eran-Daerans believe in Gods who reincarnate to help Arithia when the emergency is dire.
  • Bael, Stormgod
  • Ankhalium, God of the Cosmos, Uppergod

Terra Zel
The people who inhabited Eran-Daera now moved to the Northern Falls, Terra Zel. The crossbred race is known as the Fienra. They are a type of peaceful centaurs who are living for centuries, they are known for their amazing craftsmanship and architecture. But once again, their peace was disrupted when a group of Eran-Daeran explorers entered their lands for research purposes. However, these explorers had peaceful intentions and wanted to live with the Fienras for a while. With Zellian craftsmanship and Eran-Daeran materialistic, genius mind a new continent was founded. Nowadays the Zellians are known for being a very wealthy and powerful continent and having an interest into Astronomy. Right now, they're the most advanced continent in Vi Rythia.

  • Ithelvi (Capital)
  • Nærravi
  • Yalinild
  • Elyawyn
Inspiration: Hebrew, Latin and Anglo Saxon mythology and culture
Study/specialized in: Cosmos

*Fienras, lion-like stag centaurs who are the natives of Eran-Daera
Based on Hebrew/Latin/Anglo Saxon language

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