The Old Chateau APP: Hati Picture

I wanted her to be creepy >:U
Like the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji llD I hope I succeeded


Age: 24ish :I

Personality: Happy, but a creepy kind of happy, always :I She likes to be in the know and somehow knows everything. She is very cruel to people she dislikes and tends to torment them with a creepy joy. With those she is close to and is friends with she is eternally loyal and will do whatever sh can to make them happy. She also enjoys making people laugh.

History: She can't remember :I At all

How she came to the Old Chateau?
Bored really

Dark places
Surprising and or spooking people
Getting in peoples business
Shiny objects
Norse Mythology
Plushies, Only the animal kind
Cheese, IT IS HER GREATEST LOVE -Until romance finds her
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