Anathema Forsaken Picture

I supose it is not uncommon, to hear the lil gloomy child form the corner speack of a blodolust. But i willspeack of it anyway. ( gimme a cheer for the freadom of speack!)

Prehaps i can not, nor would, share and exchange with you all, such a supernatural, wonderouse sustianaouse, but the visual basic should be anough to stir the ideas. I did a huge(volintary) report on vampyric eing, from coutnry to country, to the sidhe ect. And i supose i was wondering, does anyone have any extensive information on the Baobhan Sith n Dearg-due ? Ill share a little bit of wat i have on it.. ^_^

Besides, let us share the mythology!!!! lol


The Baobhan Sith ,as well, holds a spark of intrest, the glowo f my favoritism. She is a molishosue scottish faye whom who appears as a beatiful young woman and will dance with men they find, until the men are exhausted; they then feed upon them. It can be killed by cold iron. Baobhan Sith, also well-known like the White Woman of highlands Scottish, is a Scottish evil fairy. These are a species of hybrid between vampire and ghost that appear as precious women and dance with the horsemen who they find until these so are tired that they can feed themselves on them killing them and drinking its blood.An old Scottish story begins with four men in a trip to hunt touching music and dancing during one night next to the bonfire of its camping.
Three of them danced and another one touched music. One of them expressed the desire of which hopefully they had doncellas with which to dance. Suddenly, four doncellas with vesttidos green left the dark.
Three of these women began to dance immediately with the three who were dancing. Fourth it was located next to that it touched. Suddenly, the one that touched music scared when seeing how it was spilled
the blood of its friends by the ground. It left running towards the horses and one hid underneath them. When doncella that was next to him approached to him it could not arrive at him thanks to the iron from the horseshoes from the horses. It was giving returned around until the dawn. When the sun left, it found corpses of his friends, to who they did not have left nor one drop of blood.

Connected with the Baobhan sith, was the Dearg-due, who origaned in Irland. A celtic ledgendsaid that a famosue female, Dearg-Due(red blod sucker_ is vuried enar Strong bow's Tree in Water ford. In scottland the vampyre legend was called Baobhan sith,and leurked in teh mountains. She is siad to purportedly ariase once a year form erh grave to seduce men into ehr embrace and drain tehm dry of thier blood. To provent teh undead form arising, according to teh irish , is to biuld a cairin of stones over tis grave.

Some of the blood isnt photoshoped for small note.
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