Sailor Bennu Picture

^____^ LOVE THIS!!!

i did have a sailor phoenix before, but i have redisgined her and changed her name to fit in the ancients.

Why? Because i just now noticed (after looking for my johnny depp poster *¬* i found my old phoenix info and picture) that the phoenix, in chinese mythology, the phoenix represents the union of ying and yang, so , since ying and yang have to do with da plot, i could use her in it somehow.... im not sure yet... but i shall think of something neat.

It also said that the phoenix is a composite of the six celestrial bodies:
Eyes=Sun (her eyes are closed now lol, but they are gold when they are open)
Back=Moon (obivously you cant see her back, but she has a moon tattoo there)
Tail It also said it is composed of the 5 fundamental colors:
Black, white,red,green, and yellow... well, got red lol.. and yellow, and orange (instead of green XD) and the black and white are her brooch and tiara (XD i actually gave her one, i usually dont for sum reason.)

So sorry if the original plot/summary thing i had in shangra-li's profile is starting to change a bit, but since i hadn't started writing the story when i wrote the pro, its not that big of a deal..

speaking of which, gotta go write the next chapter!!

Sailor Bennu & Art (C)
Hope you all like, took me long enough
(BTW Bennu is what the
phoenix was called before it was named phoenix lol)
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