Bog Spawn Picture

"You never have to sleep under willows, it is very well known" a voice said, that make the young farmer open his eyes. It had been a lazy summer day, and the sun had made him sleepy, so while he decided to go fishing in the river near the farm of his parents, he couldn't avoid but getting sleep under the shadow of a willow. The one who was speaking was a man, with messy dark hair and a large sword hanging from his shoulders.

The young farmer's son thought for a moment he was going to be mugged, but instead the man sit by his side. "That's a wineskin?" the traveler asked.

"it's just water" the boy answered, offering it to him.

"Thanks." the traveler said, and then he drank from the skin of water. As he handed it back to the boy, he presented himself. "I'm Bog the Half Human, adventurer and traveler."

"Collin. I live in the farm across the river" the boy said. it wasn't really common to see that many travelers, near the enchanted forest. "Why do you say, I shouldn't sleep under willows?"

"Spirits linger in Willows. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always mischievous. They are magical places... and sometimes magic happen! They are an entrance to the kingdom of the fey!" the traveler said. "I once sleept under a willow you know? And when I woke up, I found out the whole world had ground around me!!

I wasn't larger than a thumb! Like this!" he said, showing with his hands

"a thumb?" what he showed was a quite large thumb!

"Well, the thumb of a giant! Anyway! Afterwards I moved around this giant world, and found out the fey, having many adventures with them!"

"And how did you returned to your normal size?"

"Well, I defeated the Queen of the Pixies, and the spell was broken. Then I returned to my size!
Anyway boy, hear my advice: Don't sleep under a willow! Not everybody is an adventurer like me!!"

The farmer boy looked to the traveler. What he told him sounded like the stories of his grandmother in the long winter nights: fables.

"And what if I want to sleep under the willows to see fey?"

"In that case... don't be surprised if you find some that look like me! As said, I had quite some adventures in the fey kingdom! AH! Adventures?! Do you get it?! AH!

Anyway, thanks for the water. Is this the way to the Enchanted forest?"


"Good." the traveler said, as he stood, leaving.

"...excuse me mister... but why are you going to the enchanted forest? They say that place is cursed!"

"Clearly, I'm hunting fey!"

"I have no idea what my father told you ever" the giant woman said, looking down to Collin years later. "I'm a half Orc, not a half fey! That stuff not even exist!" said the Backbreaker.

"But I have seen them!" When he knew she was the daughter of Bog, he knew from the stories he once shared, she must be a half-Bogle!


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