team MAUV Picture

HERE ARE MY BEAUTIFUL RWBY OCS!! Sooo, I'll probably add detailed descriptions of each character later on but here's general info about them. XD
their team motif is mythological deities.

-Monila G. Siah
Monila is Persian for “One who obtains, to accomplish one’s wish” (منیلا). Siah is the color black (سیاه). She’s based on the babylonian demi-god Gilgamesh. She's chubby but buff as hell and she has two prosthetic arms.

-Azure Fei
Nigthingale faunus, he's ironically mute. Azure refers to a shade of blue (commonly associated to the sky) and fei is the mandarin symbol for flying (飞). He’s based on the chinese archery deity Houyi.

-Ugo Tangelo
Ugo is a word with germanic roots for “spirit”, tangelo is a shade of pinkish orange. He’s inspired from Eshu, the african (nigeria) god for mischief and discord. He is also the god of pathways and opportunities. The team prankster and walking happiness machine.

-Valy Libelula (changed her last name)
Valy is short for valiant. Libelula is dragonfly in spanish. She’s based on the Mayan jaguar god. Also referred to as the night sun. With a corrida fighting style and a temper to match, she has a gay crush on monila lol.
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