Riyumi the Light Elf Picture

Name: Riyumi
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 14th
Age: 23
Race: Light Elf
Height: 6'5"
Occupation: Elf Princess (sort of, she kind of pass on most of her duties to others like her parents XD), mother to Connor
Skills: Light Elf magic, herb and plants expert, skills at the harp, great with children
Personality: Affectionate, caring, motherly, oblivious to certain things, resourceful
Voice Actress: Carrie Keranen
Relationship status: Dating Kenny the Warrior
Bio: Born in a land across Ooo's western sea, Riyumi grew up, just like the rest of her kind, in isolation. Deep in the forest, for most of her younger years she never knew what the outside was like. That was until she met Kenny and took the poor boy into her care. Both became very close friends for the next several years, until a terrible thing happened and they had to part ways. Several years later, after a greater disaster, she and her kind left their home to find a new one. A couple more years later they sailed to Ooo, hearing of the many different types of creatures that lived there, in order to make a new home. Eventually one was found, but not before Riyumi reunited with Kenny and began to live with him. A few years after that, the light elf and the human became a couple and have continued to live together ever since. Even though she does not live with the rest of her kind, she visits periodically to meet her parents, the king and queen, and hopes that one day her kind become more open with the rest of Ooo and lessen the secretiveness of the kingdom.

Well, some of you might be wondering what a Light Elf is though probably not. Well here's how it works.
Light Elves are a type of elf that absorb more light that most living beings. The reason being is that their magic comes from light and the energy it contains, which is why they love being outdoors in sunny weather. They absorb it into their bodies and that energy is converted into their special magic, which allows them to control, manipulate, and grow vegetation around them. They are also able to create small balls of light called Wisps, which are used as an alternate source to fire as a form of illumination. However, if stuck in the dark for too long, they start to wither away because one of their main energy sources, the sun, is being cut off from them. This withering could eventually lead to death from "starvation".
There's a lot more I'm still fiddling with on their beings and society and it's loads of fun
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