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- Daoist Society is the organization whose goal is to protect their world. They are the ones who send out the Shishi to various locations in the world.
*ReQuig means warmth
*PengYou means friends




PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Bi-coloured hair (one of them always has to be black or white), purple eyes, and pale skin.

HOW TO KILL: They essentially have the same methods of death as an ordinary human.

According to the ShiShi legends, their ancestors are believed to be from an ancient race who survived the destruction of Safira. Well, long enough to mate with humans before they became extinct. Their civilization is located on the Mainland, at the base of the tallest mountain. Because of the outbreak of the undead, they were able to survive due to the a magical barrier maintained by the elders.

The ShiShi are the self-proclaimed guardians, in charge of maintain order in their world and to prolong its inevitable destruction. They work in pairs, one Yang Master and one Yin Master, and are dispatched to various parts of the world where chaos reigns. In recent years, due to the outbreak of the undead, they had lack behind in their duties to other countries, and are believed by some to be destroyed.

The Yang and Yin Masters are determined by the amount of Yin and Yang their soul has. The ShiShi are born with an unbalanced soul, and thus are believed to be paired with one that completes their balance. Although it is possible, it is rare to see a male Yang Master and a female Yin Master. A male Yang Master is believed to bring good luck, while a female Yin Master is believed to be a bad omen.

NOTE: The symbol in the middle is actually what the ShiShi use to determine the soul's balance.

INFORMATIVE NOTE: According to Chinese mythology, the Shishi are a pair guardian lions which were often placed in the front of very important locations due to their protective powers. One was always a female, and the other was always a male.

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