Luna and Thoth Picture

Luna and her alternate dimension male counterpart Thoth. I've seen gender switched versions of the Mane 6, so I thought about a dimension where every pony is the opposite gender. Since Luna is my favorite I drew her and her opposite first. It's just a sketch but it turned out pretty good, maybe in the future I'll color it and/or do more gender switch dimension drawings.
The part of Thoth I struggled with the most was his name. So I looked to mythology and just like Luna is the name of a Greco-Roman Moon Goddess, Thoth is the name of an Egyptian moon god who is also a god of astronomy and the stars. Thoth is, befittingly, counselor and equal in power to Ra, the Egyptian Sun God much like Luna is to Celestia. I know I probably got way to into this.
Princess Luna is the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust, Thoth however is my OC.
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