The Alchemyst Secret of the Dee Twins Book Cover Picture

A book cover for the twins: Claire Dee and Brianna Dee.

I did my best to mimick his book cover style a bit, and give it my own twist. The layout is the same, but that's as a nod to him.

The name on top is: Thor Odinson
Bottom: Loki Laufyson
Left: Brianna Dee (A replaces the E in basic ancient Rune.)
Right: Claire Dee (V replaces C and B in basic Rune. Example: Verdandy is actually Belldandy when properly translated.)

The creature at the bottom is the Nidhoggr who eats at the roots of the tree of life that holds the nine realms.

The four symbols in the corner are Alchemy rings as is the one around the sun and moon symbol. Which was taken from a My Little Pony Design since it went well with what the theme is and looked close to what I had anyway.

I gave it a paper look to make it seem more hand crafted.

If I write a fanfiction of them, this will be the preview image.

Floral Brushes:
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