Jol Sketches (and some character info) Picture

The fact I know some of the inside reasoning why Maho designed this beaut the way she did (like why his right mask hole is dark and the left has a glowing 'eye') makes me all the more excited for having him. ;w; I also love the mythology behind the being on which he is based.

Jol is, in essence, the 'spirit' of mischief. He is not evil, but he is also not good. He matches the role chaotic neutral very well, and this he is all too proud to be. His major advantages are stealth, agility and darkness. When spotted at night, he is easily mistaken for lantern flames or campfire-- though many in modern days may just dismiss him as a trick of the light. Centuries ago (he is an 'everlasting' feather cloak, no longer a mortal one) he would have been mistaken instead for a will-o-the-wisp because of the way in which his 'eye' glows.

Most that know him would do best to stay away, for he is predictable in the sense that there will be trouble about when he is near. His greatest pleasure in the world is the fright he brings to others, and he laughs at whatever misfortune his actions bring. His favorite time of year is early fall, when the leaves are crisping and changing their colors, and when there is a bitter chill in the air. Around this time his tricks are oddly expected, and he is the most active from twilight into the early morning until the sun rises. If encountered during the day, he is more passive and approachable. Beware when the sun sets.

Jol eases up on his mischief when winter comes around, more often than not satisfied with his activity from the prior months. He enjoys the snow and the bitter cold of winter. In the spring he is even more sparse and by summer he normally stays hidden, his dislike of the heat sometimes driving him up north into colder lands until the air obtains a preferred bite once more.


that outta do it for now...

Character design and feather cloaks © MahoHaku

Jol and art © Yanguchitzure

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