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Grounding the Back of this Son-vitch

The Seat of Seclusion is a nearly mythological location amongst the dwellers of Midpoint. While their Father casually walks amongst them, taking part in all of their lives as one would expect with a title such as the one bestowed upon Him, they are aware that the mysteries (which they've taken to calling the "Misted Destiny") that he has scattered and linked across the Midpoint system are one thing that he adamantly refuses to be a part of. Not to say he doesn't want to partake in the adventuring with his "children," but since he created and synchronizes with the entirety of the Midpoint Universe, theres not really any point in his intervention. The adventure is their own and he will watch, picking up their pieces if they fail the journey.

They must grow on their own, and make their own discoveries and mistakes, but far be it from him to not care for those he has taken under his wing.

The entirety of the Midpoint system is, roughly put, spherical. However, like all creations linked to it's owner and head, its got quite a few quirks. One of the main oddities is that, when space-faring, the void looks quite clear for travel. Star charts are rather pointless, due to the nature of Midpoint being proportional to His growing power, and more and more stars dot the night sky every day. However, while Midpoint itself is as large as a universe is expected to be, the system the Children call home is not much larger than the basic Sol System found in most dimensions. Once a space-faring Child reaching the edge of the system, a dense nebula seems to spring up out of nowhere, and it can't be scanned with any known forms of equipment or biological/spiritual advantage (aka magic and the like). Once flying through, they will find themselves abruptly reappearing from another random point in the system's surrounding nebula, facing back towards the center of the system.

While this is an example of how their Father can simply make things of massive proportions appear at will within Midpoint, sometimes a creation takes time and work. Thus the presence of the Seat of Seclusion which, according to the Children, is an even more awe inspiring sight in terms of magnitude. From any point in Midpoint what seems to be a single, infinite expanse of "water" slices through space. It always seems to appear when all Children are on one side of the plane, and thus the other side remains a mystery. It makes space-viewing particularly disorienting when there is a "floor" to view, but theres no gravity to affect anything. There is one bit of land covered in greenery and silence, an atmosphere reaching up several hundred kilometers, and the endless liquid depths. Following it's appearance, in a location nearby the single land mass (known only as "The Seat") upon the water plane, the surface will begin to rupture and churn as something emerges from the depths.

When the Seat of Seclusion is called into being, there are only two reasons- Either their Father requires a few moments of peace and quiet (meaning all his merged alternates and copies walking around will vanish for this period), or he is creating something big or highly complex. One rule, one of the few rules that needed to be specified, is that nobody approaches the Seat but their Father. Any who do will find themselves waking up in bed at home with no recollection between their approach and their awakening. If, for example, they're in a ship then it will promptly smash it's empty remains into the Sea of Seclusion (which is what surrounds the physical Seat itself) and disappear from known existence. The "water" itself is thought to be a source of simple matter made from His power for to twist an mold to his desire.

Of the objects created in it's depths, one of more recent ones was Tera'maw, the Tectonic Labyrinth. The fact that this world was created using the Seat of Seclusion lends more credence to the fact that something wholly incomprehensible lies within the depths of of the shifting planet. Something a simplistic as physical complexity, and with how small a celestial body Tera'maw is, would never require the use of the Seat of Seclusion to create.

In this case (aka, the image above) He is creating a star- technically the third to be located within the Midpoint System itself, only possible due to His will- to act as a satellite of another recently created planet (and laughing off physics once more). While it was originally an attempt to make a play on "the sun doesn't go around the earth," he used it for something else. Despite the star's massive size (this one being about a quarter the size of the basic Sol, with the planet being a barren wasteland about twice it's size. Something deemed physically impossible, as well), even something that small wouldn't require the Seat of Seclusion, so the Children who watch from a distance are curious as to what secret he may have put into this one.


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Sum it up: Seat of Seclusion is basically the workbench for all the 'special orders' Halian creates in Midpoint (a universe that doubles as his Soul's physical aspect), or when he wants to be alone. Everything else he can usually just make like a clockwork, without the pretty water and whatnot.

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