Big Bad Fatty Were Zygarde 10% Picture

Going to admit it, not a fan of Zygarde 50%, cell or core form. In all honesty, I think those should be separate pokemon rather than the same, but Zygarde 10% and 100% are awesome looking. Also had no clue Zygarde was based on Norse mythology, let alone Zygarde 10% was based off Fenrir. YES! Zygarde 10% is based off freaking FENRIR!!!! I was shocked to find that out, especially since this form looks like a doberman pincher. Not that there is anything wrong with dobermans, but if thus was meant to reference Fenrir, they kind of missed the mark a bit. Regardless, I love the designs of Zygarde 10% and 100%. I find them quite refreshing as well as traditional, but knowing that we have Fenrir in pokemon, WOW! I think we can go quite far with this pokemon alone.


From: Pokemon
Voice Actor:
Wolf type: The Order Pokemon
Why make it fat:
1. It's half dragon, might be kidnapping and gobbling princesses
2. It's half ground, and that comes from the fact it's gut is always touching the ground
3. It is based off Fenrir, which means it is destined to eat the sun and moon. Or at least just Solgaleo and Lunalala, and possibly the actual sun and moon too.
4. It is able to grow bigger and more powerful from cells it absorbs. Looks like it holds the cells around the belly area.
5. In the 10% form, it has a leash, which means you can guild and pull it towards a large amountof food.
6. In the pokemon anime, in it's Core form, Bonnie nick named Zygarde "Squishy". Looks like that name stuck.*Poke the belly*
7. Zygarde has a signature move known as "Thousand Arrows". Could be used to get that much prey.
8. Zygarde has a signature move called "Thousand Waves". Could be from it burping from all the meals it ate.
9. Zygarde has a signature move called "Land's wrath". Could be using this move much llike Snorlax's "Pulvering Pancake".
10. Zygarde is known as the Order Pokemon. When ever it comes into play, it cancels the aura of other pokemon. This means 1 of 2 things. 1. it's so fat that only it's girth can exist in the area, or 2, it's eating the other pokemon's aura. Could be both.
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