Hermes Pls Picture

Hermes is totally a troll in my mind. I mean, the guy flies around and delivers messages to the other gods and I think the fact he travels even down to Hades says plenty. So. Yea. I totally have a million pencil sketches of Hermes trolling Hades by flirting with Persephone.
Hermes colors are based on: I'm pretty sure golden sandals are a thing [with wings yea] so I tried to add more golden touches. Since he flies, the light blue represents the sky. He's going to be in the sun a fair bit, so tanned skin. His hair is that color because I like that color.
Hermes design is based on: Winged sandals aren't the only feathers I imagine with Hermes. So. Shoulder feathers. His hair is constantly being bullied by the wind I guess so while it still remains flowing of sorts, it's more of a jumbled mess. Tunic thing because sleeves would just get in the way [???] and then of course. The envelopes. Pretty sure he'd be able to remember shit the gods told him for him to deliver but I'd think some gods would want some privacy. [and scrolls are harder to draw at 2am shhhh]

Fun fact: Since he's constantly going about his rounds I decided that when handed a letter to deliver, after he hears the name of the recipient he wills the color of the envelope to change. Less confusing for him when delivering multiples if he ever needed to do so.

Okay now I chewed your ear off with derpy headcanons:
art is mine
design is mine
original basis belongs to Greek mythology [if that needs credit what]
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