Artemis And Apollo Picture

The Twins of the Sun and Moon! Part of my little Olympus High thing (for info, see my journal: ) These two would be the main characters. Several decades (some say centuries) ago, Apollo got himself and his twin sister Artemis expelled from Olympus High. After some serious trouble, the terrible twosome were sent back to finish high school, or else their father, Zeus, will never let them be full gods again.

What did the terrible twosome do to get themselves landed back in high school? Probably the same thing that got them kicked out in the first place, competition! These two have an inane need to out-do one another. One does something, and flashes a look at the other one, and... all Hades breaks loose. It's part of what makes them such good Olympians, really. Of course, it often gets them in serious trouble, and annoys the crap outta their friends, family, and schoolmates.

Anyway, I'm really happy with how these two came out! They look like siblings, you know? Same chin, similar face-shape, similar skin tones, but enough differences between the two that they don't simply look like genderbent versions of one another.

Story and Art = Me~!
Artemis and Apollo = Greek Mythology.

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