Asgir of the marsh Picture

Character design two for Neolucky's Kill the King contest. The other design being Zarastra Deimos. This is the first line art I've posted in a while, I felt that anything more would distract or somehow mar the details at work here. I hope to color him before I submit him. Perhaps do another picture or two, as this one kind of cuts off at the bottom. The actual picture has the end of the second sword on it, it just didn't scan in.

I wanted the standard warrior here, with a twist. Being a big fan of all things nordic, namely battle axes, war hammers, and valkyries, I wanted my second design to have that kind of flavor to it. I wanted him to regsiter Norse without viking, like 13th Warrior. There a lot of Samwise Didier influence here, and if you don't know who he is I garuntee you probably know his stuff. He does the character designs for Diablo 2 and Warcraft. He also does the cover art for my favorite metal band Hammerfall. The Samwise influence is most prominent in the big, heavy greaves that no human being should be able to walk in. I specifically wanted the pattern on them to be basically tribal but reminiscent an angel. Kind of a contrast with the rest of him!

I had considered giving him fancier swords, but felt his design had enough going on that he could have just big mean war cleavers. I like the suggestion that he can flip them around, both above and under hand. Putting chains on them had come to my mind, then I scratched it without a second thought. Too much like Kratos from God of War, who is the epitome of masculine ass kicker. I actually had a deffinite story for this guy going in too, which probably helped with his design being more specific. I went back to my grounding in classical mythology for him, conceiving him as a sort of Norse Achilles or Hercules, both victims of their own vanity.

Artist: Bo Bradshaw

Character: Asgir Carr (of the marsh)

Sex: Male

Race: Northlander

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 242 lbs.

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Skin: sun worn

Markings: a smear of face paint, possibly more in battle

Clothing: thick wolves fur color on a metal studded, double layered shawl of leather that is actually one piece, in back, with the gold rimmed girdle with leather belts. He wears heavy arm gaurds of steel and gold (or copper or brass, I never did make up my mind) and heavy ass greaves.

Weapons: two battle cleavers, viking berserker rage

Abilties: He can angst pretty well, he talks to his dead wife from time to time, I don't really think those are "abilities" per say.

Asgir a Northlander, a warrior with praise and honor to his name. His name means "Spear of the Gods" and in combat he was their champion. An unstoppable, unrivaled combatant: brutal, fearless, arrogant. With his effortless victories his pride grew to rival his kills. In the end it was his undoing. His arrogance allowed him to be decieved and to be broken. His lover was captured and murdered before him, bringing him to his knees and failing his fellow soldiers. His armies were massacred, himself a disgrace. But his dishonor and personal failings would not be the end of his punishment. His lover's ghost, both loving guide and tortorous wraith, haunts him. He sees her at all times, he cannot escape the memories she brings nor choose when to reflect upon them. She also guides him to some unseen salvation or perhaps his death.


Asgir has officially placed as a runner-up in Neolucky's Kill the King Contest! W00T!!!!! Ironically, he seems the least popular of my entires...
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