Fantastic birds. Picture

Tiger... mmmnnn birdy, birdy ... birdy.

222) Senmurvia: I took that name from a book, so this is a simurgh. Some say that means something like "thirty birds" or... something, whatever I created this one by combining features of many birds, though they maight have been thirty I'm not descriving not even couting each one.

223) Taurocefalia: A giant bird (doesn't look giant at all) with a Bull's head.

224) Bird of paradise: This legless bird feeds on sunlight and nevers touches the ground or any perch, it also carries its eggs on its back since they never nest.

225) Cosmologic stork: The giant animal with a land or world of it's back is a recurring theme in my drawings.

226) Aesculapia: A caradrio (Is there a translation to english?), some sort of holy bird with lost of pretty allusions to Jesus or something.

227) Groundbird: Remember that fish?, I think it was called groundfish or something, well here's the bird. Yea, i could have thoght of something better.

228) Rukh: In some original branches of persian mythology, the rukh was just an abbreviated name for the simurgh, but with time i took it's own separated feel and iconography, to become the archetypical giant bird. I tried some of the most unusual features atributed to it in this one, like a horn or a single eye.

229) Spiraled bird: I don't kno what might be the use for those feathers, probably they are just for display, but probably I just thought they looked nice.

That's all for today people, its late and I've got school and work tomorrow, Durining the week I'll try to upload at least a page a day. But you know you can find me rooted to my seat durning the weekend uploading and descriving images from the early morning to late in the night for you ammusement.
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