Amaterasu and Amaterasu Picture

One of the amazing things about the Okami game is the constant references to Shinto and Japanese mythology. And a lot of these symbols crop up in anime, too. (Orochimaru, Naruto fans?)

So for my submission I decided to reference the original story of Amaterasu. In the story, her brother Susano creates havoc in her home and she shuts herself up in a cave to get away from him. So, of course, the sun disappears. The rest of the gods make a ruckus to get her to come out. When she asks what the fuss is about, they tell her that a new goddess has appeared. She peeks out and looks into a mirror, seeing her own face for the first time. She's so fascinated that she comes out of the cave.

So here's human Amaterasu, looking into the mirror that wolf Amaterasu carries on her back, with the cave behind them.

For references I used the Okami art book, an ukiyo-e painting by Chikanobu called "The Noblewoman", and another painting on Wikipedia called "Amaterasu Emerges from the Cave" (artist unknown).

Okami is copyright Capcom (with a nod to the now-defunct Clover Studios).
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