Alfr Picture

I've been (and am) in kind of a dark place at the moment the details of which I wont get into here but I haven't actually been able to paint anything for well about a year. Commissioned work has been done, but doing stuff on my own has just seemed meaningless and well as I said I won't get in to it but I'm dealing with things and now I've actually produced something I like...

It started out as a few blobs of dark gray and light gray on a medium gray background and it ended up a wierd forest with a naked guy ... the world works as it should in other words... Inspired by John Bauer (well not at first but once I figured out the blobs looked like a spruce forest it all came together naturally). I've been in to Norse mythology lately (a part of my cultural heritage ) and well I like elves - not the immortal, tree loving kind Tolkien made famous, but the mysterious entities of myths, godlike beings associated with death, ferility and the sun. So the guy on the ground is an "alv" or elf as I imagine them.
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