Trickster God, Coyote Picture

I had to draw a full body of him, I'm sorry- I just love his design. Also, for those who haven't read the comic, or don't have much knowledge on Native American mythology, here's a quick rundown on Coyote's relationship with the Moon.

--He stole the moon, though no one know it was him until after he returned the moon back to its position
--He was asked to replace the moon - which he did. Way up there in the sky, he could see what everyone was doing...and I mean that to the fullest extension of the meaning of everyone.
--It didn't last long but...well, he does have the ability to pluck the moon right out of the sky so...that's pretty fucking sick
--should we really trust a trickster god with this kind of power?
--though, he has yet to on-up Raven - Raven stole the sun~!

Is it bad that I love drawing him...his shape-shifting ability allows for any number of artistic renditions of him...he's just so...flexible. Come on, no normal dog can twist their neck like a fucking snake...or their tail for that manner.

Gunnerkrigg Court (c) Tom Siddell
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