Ragnarok - logo Picture

Final project for Communication Design; we had to create some sort of festival and design the parts of a press kit for it. This is the logo for a metal fest I made up called Ragnarok (yes I know there's already a metal festival called Ragnarok). I focused on the actual Norse myth of Ragnarok, so the logo is based on Skoll and Hati, the wolf brothers who eat the sun and the moon, respectively, thus beginning the apocalypse. (I though it was a pretty damn metal story, lol.)

I sketched this by hand and then spent many, many, many hours rendering it in Illustrator; it's vector so it'll work equally well on a t-shirt or a billboard. I started out using a different kind of shading (kind of hatching) which I liked better but which I didn't feel fit the theme as well; I'm not 100% happy with the cell-style shading it ended up with but it works.
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