FireBirdramon Picture

And years after I came up with the first concept for her character, I finally managed to give Sasami a decent-looking Beast Spirit Evolution!

Like the canon Beast Spirits, she has two names, the Japanese name being Arunamon -- after the personification of the reddish glow of the rising sun in Hindu mythology ([link]) -- and the English dub name, the one I'll be referring to her as, being FireBirdramon. This is my first time drawing anything resembling a giant bird, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. At least it's better than original!Sasami's Beast Spirit... *shudder*

FireBirdramon has pretty much the same abilities as Freyamon, with her speed just a tad stronger, and like Izumi, Sasami was able to control the Spirit from the get-go. Her special attacks are Sunrise Swirl, Fireball Shower and Shining Sunblock.

Digimon Frontier © Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei
Arunamon/FireBirdramon © me
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