Icarus the Goop Picture

Lame title I know but basically this guy is meant to be a goo-dragon. He can completely liquify himself into a puddle and rarely eats as normal people do. He prefers to absorb his prey directly into his gooey self. Though whether or not he keeps them or plays with them instead no one knows. If its perhaps a hatchling he'll more than likely just play around with them for a bit. He has wings but doesn't always use them only forming them when needed or when he feels like going for a flight.

Made using *wyndbain's dragon creator thing again.

Icarus © me

P.S. Lol I just remembered Icarus is actually a person in greek mythology who's father made wings of wax that melted when Icarus got to close ot the sun. Lol ironic no?

Damn stupid dragon-maker thing is addictive! D:
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