Miraculous Ladybug OC Picture

SO I was going to submit this into a miraculous ladybug rp group (another one I know I'm horrible xD) but I was almost 10 mincutes too late in reserving the animal I wanted before somebody else did xD

Well I suppose she's just going to be a personal fan character thenuntil I find another rp group I'm interested in //killed
Because of her superpower and animal, she is mostly a support-type of superhero, she works better in a team.

Name: Felice Nédélec
Age: //SHRUG//
Personlaity: She is very dependent on other people and is quite helpless when left alone. But when she becomes Gallus, she is very motherly and warm. (I might expand on this later lmao
Occupation: Student and part-time waitress
Nationality: French(this may change??)

Superhero Identity: Gallus (scientific name of chicken)
Miraculous: Chicken brooch/turnip badge
Special Power:
Sunrise || If outside, makes the skies clear for the sun. If it is early in the morning then the sun will rise just so it can be barely seen from the horizon. If Gallus is inside a building, she can use her ability to create a light by producing an orb of 'ghost fire' that is cold and does not burn.
Weapon: Pinwheel, the wheel is detachable and can shorten the stick but cannot extend longer than her own height. The wheel spins which can allow her to 'fly' depending on the wind

Kwami: Crunn, Male

I might change up the kwami design, but I'm actually quite proud of how much thought I put into this oc!
In case you're thinking 'what the hell is with the ghost fire', it's from some kind of chicken mythology of a rooster that breathed ghost fire(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basan).

If I make a partner for her, I'd probably make them a wolf superhero so they are like night and day, but I'm afraid of a wolf-miraculous being overused by now lmao

I still haven't researched enough for her advantages of being a chicken, but here she is!!
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