Ignitian tribe Reference sheet (Closed species) Picture

This species and the Magicae kingdom is currently closed, you can only get characters through adopts for now.

Kingdom: Ah the infamous ignitians, the children of the sun and the famous miners of the hard and steaming hot soil. They reside around the hottest area of the entire magicae kingdom. the ignitians like to refer to it as the "
phoenixs cauda est" meaning the phoenix´s tail which is a reference to the founder of their kingdom Loquitur, the great bird.
Their main capital is called spiritus and is located at the center of their kingodom. since their rase is known for their expanded knowledge of mining extremley strong and powerfull minerals like obsidian and different irons.
since they live in such a fuming inviroment it is hard to grow crops or even plant anything so they live of the food the thunder kingdom provides them in return for heavy obsidian armour in order to withstand the harsh weathers of their own kingdom without getting injoured. the thunder kingdom also gives them special energy crystals that the ignitians then use to power their machinery. Beacause of this alliance, the leader of the ignitians, Ignis, and the leader of the thunder kingdom have their rases can meet as much as they like, this on the other paw, scares the Azurians, Aquarians and the forest tribe.

The ignitians are lizard/dragon/cat hybrids and can withstand searing temperatures without a sweat.

like the other kingdoms the Ignitians have the great dragonious tower, just in the center of the city, the most peacefull place you can touch in their kingdom. the tower is a memory of the union of Loquitor and the great dragon crim.

mythology: secret for now

keepers of: the great dragonious tower

more infortmation to come

since my handwritghting is bad lemme clear it for you guys:

Species: Ignitian

Tribe: fire tribe

Breed: cat/lizard/dragons

Traits: Dragon form, fire breath

Home: blast furnace

Habbitat: Searing volcano land at the doorstep of the magicae kingdoms
sworn enemies of the Azurian/Aquarian tribes

Size: average cat size

tail length: depends on age

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