Essence Reference Picture

Yay!! Here's Essence (my fursona) new appearance!
She is only a feral, and can be drawn as any kind of canine (wolf, fox, dog, etc...) and has a playful/mellow/inquisitive personality.
I've been working on her design in December 2013 and this will not only provide me of a challenge when I draw her but I feel more comfortable and excited to draw her more with this new design.
She does not live in our world and if you're interested in reading more about her world, then please continue reading!


After being swallowed and finally dissolving into nothing, the former golden Essence and her ghostly afterlife have now disappeared completely. However, she has been given a second chance at life. Essence is now reborn, her memories of her previous life, her love who was forcefully taken away from her, and the strange illness that plagued her is unknown, buried deep in the trenches of her mind. The world she now lives in has few inhabitants, and they are far in-between, they could be considered "fantasy" or mythological creatures but are interpretive depending on who views them.

Weather, seasons, and climates that are polar opposites remain living together, for example lava spreading from an erupting volcano will pass by crystal clusters growing from the soil remain unaffected by the heat of the lava. The sun and the moon are two crescents merged together, both radiating a green glow. The Daylight sky color can vary between pink to blue to green, sometimes seperate or blurring together. The Night sky can combine dark green, purple, pink, blue all in various hues and and shadows.

There are also pockets of anti-gravity or very low gravity speckled randomly throughout the realm, enabling inhabitants to float, hover, or jump to extreme heights. Inhabitants are not required to eat to survive, merely to enjoy the taste however they must remain hydrated. It is unclear if the creatures of this world have prolonged or short lifespan.

I hope with Essence's existence in this realm I created, it'll give me plenty of opportunities with practicing landscapes and I wont be so limited. From Essence's design to the concept of her realm I made up from almost 2 months brainstorming all of it, so please do not steal whatsoever. I'm fine with people trying to draw Essence in whatever canine they see her as roaming her world, but please give credit where credit is due.
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