Dabog ( Hromi Daba ) Picture

Dabog or Daždbog in Slavic mythology, Svarog's son. According to various legends, he was the son of Perun also, on the sun-god, ruler of the country. This is the god of war, the prolific god, the god who gives wealth, the god of the underworld janitor, dear god of metal, the god of the mine. In the legends often appears as a lame wolf (wolf-incarnation of the soul) or as lame Daba. With the advent of Christianity turned into Satan. In some legends Dabog the ruler of the country, an opponent of God, "king of the earth." In some myths, like his, companion mentioned DAJBABE or Baba. Ancient idol Dabog stood on a hill in Kiev, together with the idols of Perun, Hors, Stribog, Semargla and Mokos.He is also known as the supreme god of ancient Serbs
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