Introducing: Dinos -color- Picture

All right...this is what I've been working on recently. Finally making his debut on DeviantArt, I give you my original original charcter, Dinos. Last name...technically, he never had one, I simply added the last part of Taiyogami, but it was really more of a title than a name. I've forgotten the's either Sun God or Sun Spirit, which sums him up pretty nicely.
Anyway, Dinos is another member of Dragga's family, or to be precise, Dragga is a member of Dinos' family. Dinos is Dragga's ancestor. In fact, because of his unique life, Dinos is Dragga's first mortal ancestor. He had a virgin birth, along with his seldom-mentioned twin brother, as the son of a goddess. After his death Dinos was granted the status of a's entire family line has a bit of divinity in it, doesn't it?
Anyway, all of that is story-wise. In the multiverse style of mine, Dinos is still Dragga's ancestor, but as you can see, looks nothing like his age should suggest. In fact, no one is sure how old Dinos really is, as he has a running gag where he mistakes various dinosaur fossils for his mysterious "Aunt Betty". Dinos has always been a glutton, which is a reference to an old tale in Norse Mythology, with Thor and personifications of Old Age, Wisdom, and Fire. Dinos' eating habits come from Fire. Dinos is also a lovable oaf...or down-right brain-dead, and constantly defies the laws of physics, much to everyone's disbelief.

And now, trivia:
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