Sarena and Samsun Picture

I changed their names and the design of the girl again... If you kinda knew what these names mean, you would understand.

Sarena represents the moon. She has control over people's emotions, sleep, the tides, and nighttime. Her full name is Sarena Diana Luna, keeping the old names in her full name. I named her Sarena because it is a mix of Selene(who I think is a roman goddess in mythology or something), and Sariel, an angel who taught people the courses of the moon.

Samsun represents the sun. He can control heat and fire and gravity and solar radiation and the daytime. His full name would be Samsun Matthew Todd. The middle and last name having nothing to do with the sun that I know of. His name comes from Samson, a name that's meaning is he sun. Also having a connection with the name would be the angel Shamsiel, who teaches the signs of the sun. His middle and last names are references to people he was inspired by, Matthew, "Matty" the lead singer and guitar player from the band Zebrahead, and Todd, a character from early episodes of Hannah Montana.... Also Samsun is alot like that tall guy from my favorite band, The Fresh Beats... But I wasn't gonna name him Twist. No way!
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