AU Sailor Moon Picture

There's a new TOT ([link]) project, depecting sailor senshi as they would appear in different countries and cultures.

This is the first from my Turkish team of senshi. Their standard fuku are a mix between traditional fuku and Turkish folk costumes. Two of the senshi are Islamic, and they wear the same fuku with baloon pants and a turtle neck underneath, and one of them wears a hijab.

Name: Aysel Begum

Name Meaning: Moonflood Princess

Nickname: na

Age: 16

Birthday: March 11

Eyes: blue

Hair: sandy blonde

Skin: medium

Height: medium

Weight: medium

Build: small

Blood Type: A

Sun Sign: Pisces

Gemstone: pearl

Likes: antiquated literature, pizza, mythology, adventures

Dislikes: television, musicals, outdoor sports

Strongest Subject: Greek

Weakest Subject: Geography

Strong Points: creativity, originality, problem-solving

Has Trouble With: patience, boring people

Dream: to become an archaeologist and linguist specializing in Ancient Greek

Sailor Name: Sailor Moon

Realm of Influence: moon, soft light, antiquity

Symbol: crescent moon

Colors: turqoise blue and red orange

Weapons: Moonlight Wand

First Attack Name: Moonlight Flood (Healing)

Second Attack Name: Moonbeams (Offensive)

Third Attack Name: Light Bath (Defensive)

Mission: to protect her home from pillaging villains and to find the key to unlocking the mysterious connection between the celestial warriors and the ancient myths she holds so dear

Turkish Sailor Moon (c) me
BSSM (c) Takeuchi-san
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