::The Brothers Moon Picture

The world of Adin has two moons, and the southern wards of Rashun in particular developed an extensive mythology about two gods that represented them. The south tended to have a more nautical bent than the north, so the influence of the moons figured more into their lifestyle, and so their faith.

Farun (light blue) is the older brother, and at times is the larger moon or simply resides in a fancy palace there. Eld (dark blue) is the younger, smaller moon, but is the more powerful of the two.

One myth explains eclipses, a result of Eld's jealousy over his brother's favour toward the sun*. The first was said to last over a year, when Eld kidnapped his brother and locked him away in a section of his palace. It was a strange time, where odd things grew into being during the night and spread over the world.

Farun managed to get Eld to release him, only to later trap Eld in a like manner to try and make him see the wrongness of his action. When a moon obscures the other, the people look up and murmur that the brothers' are at odds once more.

Another myth involves the tattoos once commonplace in the south. The brothers tattooed one another, under the lips and down the throat, for their magic came from words. The tattoos served as protection, a way to stop other gods from stealing their voices and leaving them powerless.

There, I've talked your ears off enough, I think. |D

*Later myths developed to the point where the sun and the First Mir, a historical figure, were synonymous.


Size: 2.5"x3.5"/6.35x8.89cm (individual), 5"x3.5"/12.7x8.89cm (together)
Ink, Copic Marker, and iridescent gold watercolour on vellum Bristol
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