Valerie of OOT -Naga form redo- Picture

The first version: Yeah, you can go ahead and laugh, so long as you're not rude.

At last, the last of my Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time OC's forms. T'was a long, hard road.... Well, maybe not that hard. I'm just glad that something good came out of my putting off my work on Jak and Daxter.
Here Valerie is a "naga", a creature that I believe I heard was from Indian mythology -- to say the least I remember hearing a myth where a naga princess was terribly offended by what was brought to her from her groom by an untrustworthy crow. Let's just say that crows became scorched after that. Anyway, I thought that the scales of a part-snake would help in traversing across hot desert sand.

Scantily-clad? Yeah, and it doesn't even make sense; in a desert you would need to cover up to protect yourself from the sun -- and the sand, reflecting the sun's light and heat back at you. But, well, the more clothing you have with a form like this, the harder it is to move. (So the loincloth? Eh...I had to have something balancing out the top. I always liked it, anyway.) Besides, this form's scales should be able to reflect the light. Plus, considering that Valerie's forms are based off things that she is able to picture, I'm betting that she was strongly inspired by a certain statue at the Spirit Temple.

The drawn base, like with the mer form, was made from scratch -- the older attempted remake was neat, but I needed something more updated.

I had intended for the lighting to be different -- more directly overhead -- but this came up by accident, and I liked it, so I decided to roll with it. I like the highlights that ensued.

So everything here is original, EXCEPT the Triforce symbol. As usual, you do not have permission to post, copy, or otherwise reproduce this image or any other design therein.

As I've said before, hands on the keyboard, nerds. My OC doesn't exist for your arousal, and doesn't deserve to be raped by your eyes and mind.
^ I only say this because of aggravation at the kind of creeps I see favoriting some of my pictures. I mean...freaks. You know who you are, and you know that you don't deserve my art.

Valerie's true form is here:

Her Centaur form has also been redone:
And so has her Phoenix form:
So too her Mer- form:
Then her Kitsune form:


THIS IS AN ORIGINAL PIECE FROM ME -- DO NOT STEAL! You do NOT have permission to use this! This is MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! My art was never meant to pretty-up your crappy Facebook, twitter, tumblr, or whatever-page!
If you find someone re-posting my art, LET ME KNOW VIA NOTE/PRIVATE MESSAGE A.S.A.P.! Do NOT tag them! And the first thing you should do is report them and the stolen goods!
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