The Meaning of Gold Picture

Not quite a year ago, I experimented with another artistic series with the themes of wings and colors. It was a scribble-sketch sort of series, with only an hour or so spent on each picture.

Indigo: [link]
Scarlet: [link]

Now Gold/yellow.

Played a lot with this one. My first thoughts around yellow and wings said "canary!"
Then I thought about canaries in cages.
Then I thought about a canary-person in a cage.
Then I thought about how wings = freedom in the happiest sense.
Then things just kept on developing in my head until I wound up with this.

Interesting things about Gold as a symbolic metal:

Mythology commonly links Gold to the Sun, and thereby to fire. It is often said to be the purest of metals, linked to Heavens in various ways and to immortality (being without tarnish) and therefore to the soul.

Conversely, Gold is linked to destruction through greed. Some beliefs tie it to corruption and an emphasis on the baser values of the world.

As such, Gold is simultaneously of heaven and of earth, freedom and bond, purity and corruption.

I tried to convey some of that with the winged figure embedded in mud, chained down, but reaching for the sunlight.
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