Mechanic Picture

Never-before-seen-mechanic OC wowow
Inspired by Icarus' / Daedalus' story in Greek mythology & Bastille's Icarus I still think Icarus is an idiot for flying too close to the sun;; this kid made those mechanical wings himself (with the help of his grandfather, I guess)--fully functional even though one side's wrecked haha- he's just too lazy to fix them
storyline is not yet perfected nor will it ever be //laughs
Still don't know whether or not to give him a sucky life like pretty much all my other OCs HAHAHA--
Looks kinda steampunk but he's not really that steampunk....

I tried to draw a smile
and I failed HAHAA
Don't know how I feel about this-
My gallery count will never reach 20 //laughs

Deciding colours took forever ugh
Shading hair will always be a mystery to me
That arm is broken af
Wings look too plain
My editing could be better than this >.>
Team willneverbecontentwiththeirart woo //jumps off cliff

yay for midterms
yay for headaches
yay for no sleep
yay for sucky art .-.

laugh at my painnnn
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