Naor Seal Picture

Seal for the Gods of Naor. Which always go in sets of three, except for the "royal family"

Royal Family gods:
Roht - Universe and Creation / King
Dusai - Weather and sky / Queen
Kuht - Sun / Eldest prince
Aet - Moon / Youngest Prince

Secondary Demi gods:
Jum - Earth and Sea / Fall and Winter
Ke - Fauna / Summer
Tu - Flora / Spring

Afterlife Demi gods:
Mkeshu - Death
Tuhk - Souls
Luihn - Judgment / Reincarnation

Land Demi gods:
Joh - Untugo Mountain god
Feh - UnSonae Mountain god
Reh - Ikt Canyon God

Water Demi Gods
Guen - Swamps / Marshes
Yun - Rivers
Pon - Ocean

** While Jum IS the sea, Pon guards it, and protects it.

--- That is all I have for now. XD

*** More coming. I'm currently working on building my Naor Mythology. I will update this deviation as I get it more developed.

A little grungy, but I like it. Drawn by hand (very tediously, and hence why it isn't perfectly even on all three sides) and colored in photoshop.

Preview of Naor Art style
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